The Importance of Social Media

social mediaAlthough social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and YouTube are perceived as standard elements of interactive communication, many individuals and businesses are struggling with how to use them. Users of all kinds use the sites to communicate and sustain relationships online. Whether for business or personal reasons, the available connections through social media sites can be helpful for online marketing when used correctly.

Connects Friends

Social networking sites connect people to friends and relatives who live at close proximity or far from each other. Users also have an opportunity to communicate with people in real-time. Indeed, social media marketing has reduced the need to make phone calls, as most users tend to focus more on chatting with their friends and followers. Further, updating your wall on Facebook will reach everyone you want and probably more, yet it only takes about 20 minutes.

Increases Website Traffic

Using Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter together can help a business generate more website traffic with social media. Since sharing videos, blog posts and other contents from your website offers your fans a reason to click-through and visit your site, they can easily be engaged once there. More clicks mean more traffic. To be certain, set up traffic-monitoring service, such as Google Analytics, to help keep track of the level of traffic the social networking sites generate. For more traffic, ensure that your visitors get a fast response as soon as they visit your site. This will help you to convert that additional traffic into business opportunities.

Social Interaction

With social networking sites such as Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter, you get to make new friends by expanding your network of friends. This is in addition to helping you keep in touch with family, friends and acquaintances.

Form of Entertainment

Facebook and Twitter are great time killers. They help cure boredom at the workplace, school or at home. Watching a stream of updates, whether deliberately humorous or not, from the network of friends you have built provides an inexhaustible form of pleasure. While people find some updates humorous, others find them relaxing. Music, games and videos accessible from YouTube also provide vast forms of entertainment. The sites provide means for escapism and stress alleviation.

Delivers Better Customer Service

Social media sites are often visited by customers who have support-related or pre-sales questions. Failing to answer customer questions makes a business to appear dishonorable. Hence, the need to engage customers through the social networking sites is critical. Real-time positive communication influences sales since it makes customers contented, which in turn encourages brand loyalty.

Drives Brand Differentiation and Building

Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus are known to build brand identity and awareness. With the use of these interactive tools, it is easy to establish the personality of a brand as well as give a company a voice that customers can relate to. Showing some personality or connecting with customers on an emotional level are both effective methods of making your brand become noticeable.

Promotes Content

Micro-blogging site such as Twitter promotes a business’ marketing content, as it provides a platform to post a comment to followers. The same applies in the case of Google Plus and Facebook. Content marketing can attract new strain of customers or maintain the current ones. To help raise awareness of the news post or blog article that you publish, make sure that you ‘shout’ about them on the social sites. Integrating social media with marketing content helps engage customers.

The Importance of Social Media Today

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